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Cold Picnic Part 2: Travel Tips for Brooklyn and New York


Happy Valentine's Day! What better time to pay homage to today than to get some local tips from one of my favorite couples, Pheobe and Peter of Brooklyn-based label Cold Picnic. After my interview with them, they continue to amaze me in how they create beautiful collections while balancing life and love (and of course spending time with their dog Philip!).  As local residents of Brooklyn, I'm thrilled to share their local tips about their neighborhood and easy day trips from New York (wish I had this list when I visited NY last summer) .
from their new Return of Han-Sur-Lesse Collection

You are currently based in Brooklyn New York. What are "must see" things or "must do" in Brooklyn or your hometown? 

-take a class at the Textile Arts Center. They've got one in Brooklyn and one in the city and offer classes by loads of great local designers like Shabd and Ilana Kohn.  
- during the summer, a lot of bands play in Prospect Park. We always end up missing them - we were crushed to miss Os Mutantes this year - but one day we'll make it! 
- many of the local parks, including McCarren, Socrates Sculpture Park, and Brooklyn Bridge Park, offer free weekly movie screenings during the summertime.
What are off the beaten path local hangouts? Favorite neighborhoods, parks, etc.?
- McGolrick is a really nice little park in Greenpoint. Smaller and leafier than McCarren, but really pretty. On Sundays they have a few farm stands lined up along the outer edge.
- Ashbox is a Japanese Cafe on the quieter side of our neighborhood (Greenpoint), right near the bridge that goes over to Long Island City. It has the best onigiri ever. It's about a block from the water so you can get your rice ball to go and sit by the water.
- Achilles Heell is another spot in our neighborhood, and has delicious drinks and nice little bar snacks.

Favorite places to shop: boutiques or outdoor markets
- The Saturday farmer's market at McCarren Park in Williamsburg is great. They have seafood, meats, loads of produce, flowers, and a great table of cacti and succulents.
- Raised by Wolves is a really cool boutique a few blocks from our house. If you go a little further, or into Williamsburg there are loads of great shops, like Moon River Chattel for housewares, Sprout for plants, and Beautiful Dreamers for clothing and gifts.
Farmer's Market at Mccarren Park: Photo by Nicole Franzen
Moon River Chattel
Favorite places to eat or type of food:
 - We love ramen and think we have pretty much tried every Ramen place we could find. Our favorite is Chuko Ramen in Prospect Heights.
- Sri Pra Phai in Woodside Queens has the best Thai food ever. The fried watercress salad (with shrimp and calamari) is amazing.
- Flushing, Queens can be overwhelming but the food is so good. You can just walk up Main St getting a bun here, a bowl of noodles there,  and try a million different things at the many hidden food courts. 
Chuko Ramen
Favorite local designers or makers: 
- Ilana Kohn
- Collina Strada
- Helen Dealtry
- Dusen Dusen
- Shabd
- Fischer
- Thomas IV
Dusen Dusen / Shabd
Easy day trips from New York or your home-cool places to see right outside the city:
 - Fire Island. This is about a 2 hour trip from Brooklyn. You take a ferry over (dogs allowed!) to the Island which takes about 15 minutes. Once you get off it's this incredible beach town made up of boardwalks and homes that look like treehouses. There's a beautiful beach that's long enough for you to reach an empty stretch of it if you walk far enough.
- Ever since we got Phillip about 2 years ago we started planning our trips around him. He's too big to carry him onto a plane, so we started going upstate more. You can make a day trip of it but we usually rent a cabin in the Catskills or near the Hudson Valley area. Lots of hikes, swimming holes, farmstands, and even a few drive in move theaters!
Their dog Philip at Fire Island
What are some of your favorite places you’ve visited? Where would you like to travel next?
 - We love to visit LA. We have a lot of friends there, and there is some really great food to eat. We wanted to move there before settling on Brooklyn. Maybe one day we still will.
- We have always wanted to travel south, especially to the Gulf Coast. We would love to take a long road trip - going south on the way to the west coast, and north on the way back.
- We've had a trip to Mexico in the works for about a year, but keep postponing. We want to stay in a little fishing village like Puerto Morales and take day trips to Tulum, Merida and more.
View of Downtown LA:Photo by Ed Pulella
Personal and Lookbook Images  courtesy of Cold Picnic
Thank you so much Pheobe and Peter for the wonderful travel tips!It's always a pleasure to chat with you guys and hope we get to meet and hang out either in NY or my hometown of LA. Plus we can chow down at some of my fave local eateries. As I've always said, some of the best things in life are "good food and good company". Cheers!

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