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Studio/Home Visit: Chris Earl


We're proud to showcase the amazing work of LA-based furniture designer Chris Earl this season.  As a woodworker, ceramicist and chef, Chris is truly a modern renaissance man. Raised in Papua, New Guinea, he believes that creating objects is about fulfilling a purpose, creating story, and building community. He builds beautiful furniture and wares that are contemporary yet timeless, featuring craftsmanship that is meant to last. And I love that he also created a special Framework collection just for kids!
from his Framework Collection
 It's been long overdue, so I'm thrilled to share my studio/home visit with the designer.  Growing up in LA and living in different parts including the "valley" (San Fernando Valley!), it's great to learn that his studio/home was right in the North Hollywood area. Having dabbled in woodwork myself (ok maybe just a one day spoon-making class), I have so much respect and appreciation for the craft and process. It's always humbling and enlightening to see a maker's studio and seeing where the action happens-the combination of tools (from band saw to sander), skills and intuitive process to create such functional beauties we can use in our daily lives.

To get to his back studio, one is welcomed into Chris and his wife Amber's beautiful home (yup, it's only been featured in Apartment Therapy, Anthology Magazine and Design Sponge). Equipped with their unique design vision, woodworking skills and hard work, they've transformed Chris' grandparents home while paying homage to the past by maintaining the character of the original home.  Chris and Amber's home is a fusion of their style blending the old and the new. They're not afraid to mix pieces combining modern, vintage pieces, travel finds and Chris' handcrafted furniture. The home truly reflects their personalities and what they value- family history, connecting with friends, love of gardening and cooking. Yes it has elegant design elements , but somehow they've achieved a cozy comfy space that has such warmth and charm, truly meant to be lived in.  And did I mention the beautiful landscape? Their commitment to thoughtful design continues onto the outdoor space that is ideal for entertaining (they enjoy hosting dinner parties!).

His use of different design elements translates to his creations as well. Integrating metal (brass!) into his woodwork is brilliant adding just the right amount of clean textured detail. We're delighted to introduce his amazing wooden boards in our shop this season. These pieces are even better in person for the quality and craftsmanship. They're essential wares that are great accents but are meant to be enjoyed and used for many years.

Thank you so much Amber and Chris for welcoming me into your beautiful home/studio. Truly inspiring! Hope to try your cooking soon!

Collection Pictures from Chris Earl

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