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Studio Visit: Niki Tsukamoto of Lookout & Wonderland


It's always a treat to go home to LA to hangout with family and friends. And of course it also gives me a chance to visit some of our local designers based in this great city of ours (ok I'm a lil' bias!). So I was thrilled to visit the new Chinatown studio of fiber artist/maker Niki Tsukamoto of Lookout & Wonderland and see all the indigo goodness she's crafted.

This is my second visit with this talented lady, and I'm always inspired by her passion and enthusiasm for the beautiful craft of Shibori, fiber art and everything else she does (vintage shopping!). Plus Niki radiates such warmth and creative spirit that it's always fun and easy to chat with her about the craft, life and everything in between. Whether it's sourcing textiles/dyes or incorporating different methods (weaving!), Niki shared her insights and thoughtful approach to design and craftsmanship of her beautiful handmade product line. As a tactile person myself, it was great to feel the various textiles in terms of weight and texture and I couldn't stop touching that amazing wool/alpaca yarn in the basket! Whether stirring the indigo dye vat or untying the newly dyed pieces, you can appreciate the materials, process and small details in the creation of such beautiful textiles for daily life. Stay tune for new pieces from Lookout & Wonderland in Vuela.
Thank you so much Niki for welcoming me into your studio...it's always a pleasure to hang out with ya!

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