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Design Function: To Catch and Carry our Essentials


Manufacture des rigoles linen pochette

Erin Templeton Kiss + Make-Up Case
Hammocks and High Tea Dopp Kit
There's no doubt that there are must-haves daily essentials that we keep close to us in our bag, tote or carry all. Although for me, there are times when I should probably purge items and clean some stuff out of my purse or bag. When I do have that urge like a spring cleaning for my bag or when it's time to rotate to another bag,it feels good to get rid of those crumpled up receipts and other items weighing it down.

I sometimes find myself digging around for whatever I need and not finding the item when I actually need it (keys, pen, gum, make up). It has been essential to have a catch-all case, pouch or even a small clutch (ready for a night out) in my bag. It easily holds tech gadgets, jewelry, hair clips, makeup, candy, or knickknacks. These are lovely options to access just what we need daily or in our travels.

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