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Design Function: To Hang Plants


Whether they're succulents, a mini herb garden by the window or easy to manage ficus tree, greenery softens up any space and provides a calming refuge at home. Plus certain plants can actually clean out toxins in the air and provide some much needed fresh air. I have by no means the green thumb, but my resilient money tree has been with me for over 5 years even with some heavy pruning. Let's just say down to only the mini trunk... I thought it was done for good. But the leaves slowly sprouted and are now even greener. So whether that's symbolic of money matters, maybe it's reminding me of patience and resilience in the journey of finance and business or anything else we do in life-pilgrimage to Santiago De Compostela perhaps someday. So that brings me to the endless options out there right now to showcase my love for greenery. From terrariums to planters held by leather or macrame, hang them up!

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