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Inspiration: Sculptures by Christophe Gordon Brown


Whether it's in the area of art, design or travel, we're about discovery here at Vuela. I recently stumbled upon the beautiful inspiring work of UK-based sculptor Christophe Gordon Brown. Based in Cambridge, he currently works with stone and bronze to create an impressive collection of contemporary sculptures that can be seen in galleries, gardens and public spaces. The simplicity of form in curves and angles is balanced by the allure of the materials used. I am awe struck by the silent beauty of the shapes that are structured or dynamic, which allow the stunning details of materials to stand out.

 Here is a little excerpt about his inspiring process:

"The work proceeds using one’s feeling, not by thinking, or following any conceptual idea.  It is a self educating process, the work is an embodiment of your inner vision, and is a test of it. You work and adjust, work and adjust. Without a material world to make impressions in, knowledge, learning and development (so evolution) would fly away."

--Chistophe Gordon-Brown

All images via Christophe Gorden-Brown


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