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Nature's Great Design-Annular Solar Eclipse


Quezon Province, Phillipines-Getty Image via
From Yokohama near Tokyo, AP photo via
From Redondo Beach, CA via
 Yesterday was no ordinary Sunday or already Monday for others. For the people in parts of Asia and Western US, we were lucky to have the opportunity to witness this infrequent event and for some, a once in a lifetime opportunity to expericence a natural wonder. Although for me, as much as I tried to utilize the hole through the cardboard device while waiting patiently to view this spectacular event and fixated on this tiny ball of light to change shape....the silhouette of light did not change. Oooh the pesky late afternoon clouds, left over marine layer, my angle related to the sun, whatever the reasons maybe, I'm left admiring the wonderful pictures taken by many and appreciating this amazing phenonomen. It just reminds me of the wonder of the cosmic processes that are constantly occurring and how we are part of something greater in our natural world or in this case...universe.

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