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New Arrivals: Introducing Alchemy


All the way from Australia, we're delighted to introduce the diverse collection of jewelry from Alchemy,designed and handmade by Belinda Evans. Drawing from her background in environmental sustainability and inspired by her surroundings, Belinda explores high quality sustainable materials by incorporating both natural and vintage elements in her beautiful creations. I love the variety of materials she uses in her designs. Whether utilizing ceramics, wood or textiles, she makes stunning pieces that are standouts for their forms, colors and craftsmanship. Lovingly handmade, Belinda is involved in every step of the process, as she collects the materials, hand cuts the pieces, finishes the wood and hand knits the necklaces. And she also creates aromatherapy products as part of her line. Truly an inspiring lady! So whether you're drawn to the simple natural designs or the colorful statement pieces, her creations will become part of your treasured collection of lovely and inspiring pieces. 

Top 2 product images:beautiful styling and photo by Belinda Evans
Designer Photo by Olga Bennett

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