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New Arrivals: Necklaces from Naoko Ogawa


We're thrilled to present the new jewelry designs from Berlin-based Naoko Ogawa.

Featuring contrasting elements of brass and silk cord, we currently have pieces from her " Factors" collection. As the brass parts, " external factors", hang on the looped silk cord, they provide the individual shapes of the necklace and can change through movement of wearer. I love her modern interpretation of the classic pearl necklace. The Imperfect collection is a collection of string pearl beads strung on a silk cord with the cord exposed intermittently.

According to Noako:
"When the pieces are worn over clothes of similar color to the silk cord, the silk cord will blend with the clothes and disappear, allowing the pearls to float on the clothes while still drawing an overall form.

Although this form is imperfect due to the visual interruptions along the necklace, the form of the necklace as a whole is clearly defined as our mind can connect the pearls with imaginary lines in place of the missing pearl. To imagine these invisible lines along the "imperfections" intensifies one's awareness of how beautiful the form of a necklace on the body is."

I'm always amazed by Naoko's innovative approach to integrating the wearer's movement, body and materials into her thoughtfully designed necklaces. Her designs combine simple minimalist design with understated elegance for the modern woman.

Model photos courtesy of Naoko Ogawa

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