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Now and Forever


by San Diego-based photographer Jeremy Young
 With the wedding season in full swing and in celebration of all the weddings I'm attending this July (3 weekends in a row!), I wanted to share these beautiful images representing this special occasion. I always like a good love story and to witness or hear such a romantic love story is truly a gift. Although most movies represent a wedding as an end all of a such a story (boy meets girl, both fall in love, they get married), I feel that this special event represents a "comma" rather than a "period" in a couple's love story. It is a transition to the next phase of such a colorful story through the ups and down of the journey of life. A time when daily life takes hold of each couple, and the simple acts of love and small things (putting the dishes away, helping the kids get ready, just saying the three little words) are even more important than the grand gestures of love associated with dating.

Whether it's a local or a destination wedding, following all the logistics and planning of this special event, it is always exciting to see how the day unfolds and the unexpected or surprises that may come.  I've attended many weddings, but there's always a first for everything.. and going up a SKI LIFT all dressed up to attend the ceremony this past weekend following a thunderstorm is definitely a first.

on my way down

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