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Perfect Pairing: Clutch + Bag


Since Valentine's Day is a couple of weeks, the theme of perfect pairings seems to be a wonderful way to showcase certain pieces that are just great together. Whether they compliment or perfectly accent each other (hmmm sounds like a foundation for a relationship...), these pieces just seem to go together.  You know when you just see a couple that just seems in sync with each other. Okay enough of the analogy, but the Erin Templeton Girl Friday Clutch and Ellen Truijen 36 hours bag seem to be  that perfect pair.  They will get you through from work to a night out or a wonderful weekend getaway (Valentine's weekend getaway maybe?).

During the week, the clutch doubles as an IPAD case that can be thrown right in the 36 hrs bag, a versatile work or everyday bag. You'll have access to this clutch just in time for that happy hour that you sometimes need after work or a dinner date.  For the weekend, the 36 hrs bag is a great overnighter carryall while the clutch can hold some of your loose travel items such as make up and jewelry. More perfect pairings to come!

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