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Wings to Fly


Pelicans flying over La Jolla Cove

Oregon State Motto: "She Flies With Her Own Wings"  (Alis Volat Propiis)

Hello!I'm Marji and welcome to my blog. My last name means "wings" and vuela means "fly" in Spanish. While I love my home state of California, I'm drawn to this motto as I've always believed that we all have our own path to follow in our journey of life.  Though change is sometimes uncertain and since this is a milestone year (yay! I'm still getting carded), I look forward to new experiences and opportunities. Like a bird soaring to different places, I am embarking on a new ad"venture" in showcasing beautiful global design and creations. Our little online shop is launching soon.

This is a journal of insights, curiosities, adventures, inspiration and discoveries.  I look forward to sharing interesting places and lovely finds with you. And of course, getting to know inspiring and talented people along the way. While I'm drawn to simplicity and the classics, I also love to capture all the playful or quirky things I come across that make me smile.

And I hope I bring a little smile to your day.

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