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  • Softie Bud Vase White
  • Softie Bud Vase White
  • Softie Bud Vase White
  • Softie Bud Vase White
  • Softie Bud Vase White


Softie Bud Vase White

Sold Out

Featuring a sculptural organic form, this popular “soft” bud glass vase can make any clipping or stem a modern elevated centerpiece! Each piece is hand sculpted to ensure every vase has a unique, yet familiar aesthetic.

  • Material: Glass hand blown in designers Vancouver Studio.
  • Size: Approximately 8-10cm in diameter with an opening around 15mm.
  • Color: Opal white.  Color splash can vary in density due to the process of merging 2 types of glass together.

Goodbeast is Vancouver-based design studio founded by Jesse Bromm and Tyler Archibald. With a focus on cultivating relationships between us and the objects in our lives, they emphasize function above all else. Each piece is crafted by hand in Vancouver, with the intention of creating a legacy piece that creates a sense of familiarity and nostalgia.

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