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Ito was born in 2019, somewhere between afternoon siestas and filling job applications. Nurtured and raised by Shivani Gandhi, in a small 10x10 ft borrowed space of a typical bustling locality in Mumbai, and that is where the irony lay. It was there, where she was busy embracing the concepts of slow and conscious living, in her otherwise fast paced city life. Ever since, it has been the blend of these concepts, that resulted in the making of contemporary and timeless silhouettes she calls, "Fuss free clothing for well lived days." 

Essentially, a clothing brand that aims at linking sustainable practices with traditional weaving and dyeing techniques, to make everyday essentials that prioritise comfort over style and timeless over trendy with a certain sophisticated beauty. The collective skills of artisans and weavers from across the country combined with those of the karigars working out of the studio, together create meticulously crafted garments that become wardrobe favourites. 

As a design philosophy, Ito believes in a minimalist approach towards designing thoughtful silhouettes that not only keep the wearer at ease with everyday movement but also uplift their personality. A penchant for conscious lifestyles, natural homes, for living in a small town in slower days and for gracefully performing everyday chores, all with a loved one, leave a noticeable mark on the aesthetics of the brand. 



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