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Kera Clay

Virginia Felix is a ceramicist born and bred in Brooklyn, New York exploring the dichotomy between function and form. She designs decorative and sculptural vessels using the unpredictability of clay. Her work ranges from tableware and lighting to creative projects.

In 2018 she launched keraclay, a collection of handmade pieces designed with a distinct perspective on style without compromising functionality. All pieces are handcrafted with an obsessive attention to detail using recycled clay out of a shared Brooklyn studio.

In 2020, Virginia introduced the Figura Project, seeking to recreate the vessels that reflect earth’s canyons. Experimenting with different clay bodies, form and shape, the principal theme in the Figura Project is informed by biomorphic and architectural practices. Veering towards representational depictions of the natural world and the human body, she attempts to draw the viewer inward to experience an encounter with object and the symbolic movement of practical life and use.


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