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Lookout & Wonderland





We’re happy to present the beautiful collection of Shibori textiles from Lookout & Wonderland. The Los Angeles-based studio was founded in 2005 by artist, curator and Creative Director, Niki Livingston. Niki opened Lookout & Wonderland as an inspiration center providing a nesting place for artistic collaboration, brand development, creative direction and the making of a myriad of hand crafted goods.  

As an extension of the Lookout & Wonderland studio, the Lookout & Wonderland textile line focuses on inspired quality and handcrafted belongings that will last a lifetime. Informed by the Wiener Werkstätte, as well as the beauty and wit of Japanese and Nordic interiors, the line showcases naturally dyed goods that marry art and design to assist in creating a cozy, beautiful life.




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